Hi guys! it’s Sofi Molnar from Spain Marbella Montessori School! Today we will be learning how to make our own face shield so that you and your parents can go outside and enjoy the fresh air without being afraid to get the Covid-19 on your face and your eyes, mouth, nose are totally safe! For this you will need: plastic bottle, any type of long string or yarn (long if you are planning to make more than one mask), scissors and a sharpish knife (parental guidance please!)

Step One: First grab your bottle and poke a hole near the neck of the bottle with your knife. then take the scissors and cut a straight horizontal line across the top. Now that you’ve cut off the top, find a place on the bottle which is not that transparent and see through part (like for example, the part where the sticky bit of the label used to be). Then you cut a vertical line from the top and once you’ve reached the bottom, you have to cut another horizontal line across the bottom like you did to the top. Now I will show you some images of how it should look (I made many face masks/face shields for all of my family. I even made a few for my little three doggies just for fun).

Tip: If the edges are too sharp take your scissors and round them.

Step Two: Grab your creation, scissors and knife (for this part call one of your parents to

help). Cut a teeny-weeny hole near the edges. There you’re gonna tie the string or yarn. Take your yarn and double knot it from both sides of you creation. I tried two different types of knots. Look at the photos below and choose which one you think suits best.

Moving to Step Three! Now you just put on your face shield and enjoy your day. This was Corvid 19 will never get to you! Congrats!

Stay awesome, stay healthy and don’t forget to be nice to each other! I love you all sooo much!!! -Written and illustrated Sofi Molnar-



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